Where in the world…

Where in the world…

Actually, I did not give up blogging for the latter part of Lent, at least not on purpose! So this is a quick “Hi!” to say I’m alive and well thought not living in Paris.

Round here we are prepping for take off in a few different ways: I’m going to be venturing into a kind of new professional direction in the next couple months. Marc will be starting his grad program in DC later this summer. And…

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Let’s be little

Let’s be little

Let’s be little.

Let’s be a hint.

Let’s not go viral.

Let’s use what we have on hand.

Let’s not extreme makeover.

Let’s not gut the entire house.

Let’s keep the wallpaper.

Let’s go for a walk.

Let’s cut out some carbs.

Let’s keep biscuits.

Let’s decline an invitation.

Let’s take back the dress.

Let’s not be the biggest and the bravest.

Let’s be big enough and brave.

Let’s not have it all.


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Progressive Youth Ministry Conference: Day 1

Progressive Youth Ministry Conference: Day 1

Hey friends!

If you couldn’t tell from the windier tone, I’m writing you from Chicago, where I’m attending the Progressive Youth Ministry conference. To be more specific, I’m writing you from almost the end of the first day of the conference while digesting some of the most delicious smoked pork barbecue I have ever eaten. I know there was a reference to a holy smoker but I’m starting to believe…

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Where we are, what we’re doing, and waiting for Spring

Where we are, what we’re doing, and waiting for Spring

Why Hello!

It’s seems like this was the week where we went over the brim. There was a lot of calendar, but moreso it felt like I had reached max-capacity in my mind. I started to think this might be the case when I signed on to FaceBook at some point during the week, realized they had “streamlined” their format (again), and decided the only proper response to this was an hour-long nap. So that’s…

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A Masterpiece

A Masterpiece

Contributed a post to Catapult Magazine’s “Making Art” issue. Some great, insightful pieces about what we call, do with, and make of art!

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Pancakes Tonight: A Litany

Pancakes Tonight: A Litany

Today the cold won’t creep past 30 (technically, 28),

but there will be pancakes tonight.

Today the work will seem to go on and on and on…

but it will end with pancakes tonight.

Today the teething will continue,

and we will chew on pancakes tonight.

Today we will pay the student loan,

and will still be able to afford pancakes tonight.

Today will require pants, real pants, from us,

but there will…

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Rooms http://wp.me/s2YZPS-rooms

I believe in dark dining rooms by candle and snowy moon light

for first cups of coffee, waking, and writing.

I endorse private bathrooms as personal thought space

or maybe one’s only “no thinking” zone.

I have faith in kitchens that double as family dance halls.

And I solemnly swear that a set of stairs is perfect for sitting,

and going nowhere at all.


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Rough Draft Prayer: Screw shirts

Rough Draft Prayer: Screw shirts

Because God

Sometimes I get it when she wakes up so, so frustrated 

and it seems just too much to ask us to put our shirts on,

“A sleeve??? You have GOT to be- I can’t even…

just no! NOOO! I’m going back to bed! This is bull…

A sleeve??!!!!!!!! Really, MOM????”

And I should coach her through this,

help her learn that somedays

we just have to put our arms through the hole…

But instead I find…

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* May God rebui…

* May God rebui…

May God rebuild the dislocated
and broken pieces of you.
Restoring you humanity and revealing
his intended master pieces
So raise your glasses
A toast to the God who is making all things new
Blessing like wine pouring off the mountain
[everyone takes a sip of wine]

May you taste and see Gods
Kingdom breaking out in the
people and place you sow into
So raise your glasses
A toast to the God who is…

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When you a brought face to face with a really ugly belief (of yours) (that you may not have realized you were carrying around)

When you a brought face to face with a really ugly belief (of yours) (that you may not have realized you were carrying around)

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has heard the experience of childbearing explained as a “blessing” or something God has chosen to “bestow” upon a person. And I’m sure I’m not the only person who has cringed at the image of what those words can bring up; the idea that God picks and chooses who gets to be pregnant and who does not, who has a healthy or easy or “successful” pregnancy and who…

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